Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Why this blog?

When i first came to Korea(by the way I am from Jamaica approximately 13,000km away) I was so motivated and ready to take on my task as a combined masters and Phd  student. I was enthused everyday to do my assignments, read new papers and learn techniques needed my research. That was 1 and 1/2 years ago. Today I feel burntout. I have been feeling that way for some months. But I new i had to change my attitude if my life as a Phd student would not be successful. So daily I have been battling with myself to do more and study more, read more and become excited about my work. And I have found how powerful the mind is. If you fool your mind long enough it will align in the path you need it to! So little by little by mood and work ethics had been drifted to path I wanted. I recovered  my love (I was always deeply in love with physics since I was a child) and I was up at 6am in morning ready to conquer my day( with help of Mel  Robbin's 5 second rule) and I was in the lab by 9:30am. I was able to prepare my breakfast and lunch for the day and had resumed my schedule of morning motivational videos.

It amazing how your mind can explore some times when it is functionally well. I was just thinking in my head "how can I be a successful Phd student" and type that exact phrase into google and found some well appreciated answers one of which led me to this blog. Writing  and note keeping daily(one site mentioned writing 10,000 words in a day, can you imagine?!. let's see. When I am at that point i will definitely tell you). I always found writing my thoughtrs down on paper very therapeautic so i think this just what i needed to help me progress overall. So this why I started this blog today. Now i am sitting at my desk. it is tuesday 5:41pm and I feel so good after saying all this. until the next entry bye!

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